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"I met Dr. Leah 10 years ago when I became part of her children’s health journey as there a skating instructor. Little did I know that she would also be the start of my journey. However, from day one I knew that she was someone I wanted to get to know better.

Her Energy and glow just shouted healthy! She introduced me to chiropractic which has been an important piece of my incredibly active lifestyle. Her philosophy of whole body health and balancing work/life has been an inspiration. Learning to take Time for me even if it’s just five minutes in the morning to meditate has been huge in getting me through these last few crazy years.

I was able to jump start my Energy and performance last year taking a recommendation from Dr. Leah to try a fast mimicking diet. It got my body to a place where it was efficiently storing and burning energy and was just what I needed to lay out the pathway for my first trail race, 30k up the Tetons in Jackson Hole. Create a healthy habit of learning from her through her daily posts, Who knows what Path she may get you started on!"

-Ashley Keithley

"I am so grateful to have known and worked with Dr. Leah throughout my life and career. She has such a rich and diverse knowledge base when it comes to health, business, and relationships.

Her expertise in energy alignment has help me improve my productivity and my ability to manage the stresses of everyday life. Working with her has greatly improved my quality of life and helped me make the most of every single day. Whether you’re a mom, entrepreneur, or health professional - Dr. Leah is truly an inspiration to women of all walks of life.“

-Gabriela Baiocchi

"Dr. Leah has been an inspiration in my life for nearly a decade, not only professionally but in my personal life as well. She has helped me set and reach goals as a Chiropractor to help my patients the best as well as having more energy at the end of the day for myself.

In my personal life she has helped be more confident in my relationships and helped me get excited about my own health. We have even started to play games to help me energize my workouts and feel like I am part of a team reaching energy goals, heart health goals, and even goals to feed my soul. I am so blessed to have Dr. Leah in my life. I cherish our memories and am excited for the future we are building together."

-Dr. Michelle Irwin

"Dr. Leah has helped me take control of my life through meditation and energy work exercises that I will use for years to come! I’ve always struggled with anxiety but she’s made managing it both relaxing and effective which I will forever be grateful for. I highly recommend working with her!"


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