The Proper Way to Snack

Oh, yeah. Pumpkin chocolate muffin. What are you snacking on?

You know what, this is actually not brain food, this is butt food. So I choose to not snack on this.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack, why not try some almonds? I don’t know. Macadamia nuts here. Got from Hawaii. Or, you know, some fruits and vegetables.

Those are great snacks. But think about why you’re snacking. Is it situational? Is it because you got in the car?

Usually, when you get in the car, you grab a handful of chocolates.

Or is it that 3:00 p.m. and you’re at your desk and you’ve got another candy drawer right there?

Or are you more of like a pizza snacker or I don’t know what kind of snacker are you are, but if you’re snacking and it’s an emotional thing, go out and do something else like get outside, go for a walk, just get out of that situation.

But if you’re snacking because you’re actually hungry, you know, snacking is not really the best thing for you.

A lot of times you might think you’re hungry, but you’re actually dehydrated. So grab your water bottle and chug that 16 ounces of water or whatever you can do eight ounces get into a habit of drinking water when you think you’re hungry.

You’ll be better off for it. 

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