From Stress to Success: A Morning Routine

Hi, it’s Dr. Leah here, and I want to show you how to nail your day so that you can go from stress to success and get as much done as you want.

We’re all really busy. I’m a mom, got a couple of businesses, got two kids, I’ve got a husband and I even have a dog. But guess what? With this strategy, I can get it all done in the day and not feel overwhelmed.

When you first wake up in the morning, are you literally scrolling through or are you checking your email or are you going right to list or to dos? That is a problem. If you’re doing that now, you’re setting yourself up for somebody else’s issues, somebody else’s problems, somebody else’s to do list.

Instead of taking that time in the morning that you need to get yourself set and ready to launch into your best day. So this is how I do it. I make sure that I get up half an hour, maybe forty five minutes to 60 minutes before everybody else in the house starts their day.

So I’d like to get up. I get a glass of water for actually. First, I brush my teeth and then I get a glass of water with some lemon that that I drink the whole glass of water. I go in and sit in the sauna and I do my meditation in my infrared sauna. If you don’t have a sauna, that’s OK, too. But meditation is the way I like to start my day.

That gives me this expansiveness in my day in order to really just get free of all my thoughts and just to connect that way. I’ve got some space and I’ve got some time in order to do a reflection as well.

So I have a whole list of things that are really important that I like to do, and I’ve cultivated them for myself. You don’t have to use all of these, but a few of these might be really important for you to get your day going. So journaling is really a great way to to just get stuff dumped out of your brain.

I do that after my meditation. And then I also plan my day so that I take my top three priorities and I make sure they’re listed. You can do it on your computer. You can do it on your paper planner, whatever you like, and then make sure that those top priorities are something that you can actually accomplish on that day, or at least get steps into doing those.

If you don’t have an infrared sauna, that’s totally fine, but anywhere that you can actually create a space just for you that you can meditate. So when I first started doing this, I was meditating in my closet because it was really close to my bed and that made sense to me. But now I like to go down into my infrared sauna because I get some actual healing properties happening from the sauna while I’m doing my meditation. So I do like this combo effect, which works really well for me.

And then after that, I do some journaling. I’ve already meditated. So now I’ve literally opened up this connection to the universe and I can start just downloading on the page, what I’ve thought about or what inspiration is coming to me.

And that’s fun as well, and it’s a way to get into that creative mindset. So after that, then my morning is pretty much the next thing I like to do is stretch. You can. It only takes five to ten minutes of a morning routine for stretching. It’s going to make a huge impact on how you feel and to get your energy out as well.

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